Complex Care simplified

High needs, complex patients drive the majority of health care costs even as they suffer most from the health system’s failures.

We solve that problem, delivering better care for high risk patients at 12-20% lower costs.

High risk patients: where need and opportunity are greatest

These patients have complex needs that aren’t met by the health care status quo. They often have multiple chronic illnesses with complicated health maintenance and medication regimens.

As a result, they end up in frequent health crises that end in trips to the emergency room and stays in the hospital that disrupt their lives and drive up the cost of their care.

Combining the precision of data science with the power of relationship-based care.

Advanced Analytics

Clinical intelligence obtained from dozens of data sources rapidly identifies the patients who are not getting optimal care.

Provider Partnerships

We partner with local providers and give them the data, tools, and support they need to deliver world class care.

Engaged Patients

By working with the providers that patients already see, we interact with 60-80% of the high risk patients every month.

High risk patients get the care they need and this drives measurable health and cost impacts.

Our results are consistent, sustained, and externally validated.

Building on years of experience, we make complex care simple.

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